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August 22, 2014 • 18:11 reblog

Dear roleplayers/admins/etc that use the “rp is supposed to be fun!” excuse,

Who is it supposed to be fun for? If it’s supposed to be fun, and that’s your excuse for not including diverse characters, what does that mean? Is RP only supposed to be fun for cis het white people? 

"RP is supposed to be an escape!" 

Is it an escape from a diverse world, then? Are you escaping to a world where cis het White people are the dominant force and POC are put on the back burner? Because last time I checked, that’s a lot like the real world. And if this is your escape, why do you want to escape to a world where POC and other groups aren’t properly represented? 

August 19, 2014 • 19:2531 notes reblog

Hey everyone. A year or so ago, I did a project for one of my English classes. I chose to do a mock roleplay based on a comic anthology that featured Asian American characters.

In addition to creating the roleplay, I addressed the lack of POC faceclaims in tumblr roleplay. Not only did I mention the fact that there are so few of them, I connected the lack of available faceclaims to the lack of POC in mainstream media. I considered writing a formal essay on it for another course, but for now I only have my thoughts written up on pages on the roleplay page. I thought that I would share this information, because I think it’s important to consider how mainstream media affects roleplay, and how we as roleplayers have the ability to counteract the lack of POC in media by using the resources that are available rather than using the excuse that there aren’t enough resources. 

Under the cut is the text from a couple of the pages I wrote up (I’ve bolded the parts that are not just basic breakdowns of how tumblr rp works, though I recommend reading them in their entirety).

If you would like to see the roleplay and all of the pages related to it, please click here. If you have any questions about this or would like to have a discussion about my observations, please feel free to send me a message.

[Please note: These pages have not been changed since their creation over a year ago, so there may be some mistakes. They are not perfect nor do I consider my observations to be fact.] 

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latest fc resource updates

+14 fcs:

shannyn sossamon, harmony santana, janet mock, laura jane grace, godfrey gao, aziz ansari, dev patel, tori kelly, victoria justice, diego boneta, jessica sanchez, tahj mowry, ruby rose, jordan rodrigues

August 15, 2014 • 16:40 reblog
                              ★ Ruby Rose GIF Hunt ★

NOTE: I highly encourage roleplays to use Ruby Rose for a non-binary character. Ruby generally uses she/her pronouns and identifies as gender fluid.

Below the cut are #99 gifs of Ruby Rose. None of these gifs are mine, unless otherwise noted. Please let me know if any of these GIFs are yours and you would like me to remove them. Please like or reblog if you found this to be useful.

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August 13, 2014 • 12:3110 notes reblog

Imma be honest, it’s sad when I can’t find a single gif hunt for Tahj Mowry, maybe three hunts for Aziz Ansari, and nothing at all for Janet mock. but y’all will jump on the hunt train and search to high heaven for gifs of underused cis het white boy number 19988824 in a heartbeat.

challenge: for every cis het white fc you make or find resources for, do the same for two poc/trans/non binary/body diverse/disabled fcs. maybe we’ll see more of a shift.

August 13, 2014 • 6:5010 notes reblog

psa: please stop listing andreja pejic as non-binary. she recently stated that she identifies as a woman.

August 11, 2014 • 23:0348 notes reblog

latest diverse fc resource updates

+1 gif hunt:

hayley kiyoko

+12 fcs:

jason momoa, erinn westbrook, aaron yoo, alexa chung, shereen cutkelvin, lee min-k,i charli xcx, deepika padukone, mark indelicato, earl sweatshirt, shim changmin, samuel larsen

August 11, 2014 • 21:051 note reblog

Diverse FC Resource Directory

Hey everyone, this isn’t an official launch, because I still have quite a few FCs to add to this directory. However, I want to bring it to everyone’s attention so you can give me some input early on, if you’d like.

This is a directory of ONLY diverse FCs. They are primarily POC, though I would like to add more non-binary FCs, and possibly include body diverse FCs. 

This directory includes links to gif hunts for every single FC. For that reason, I ask that you only suggest FCs with gifs if you do suggest one.

You can sort this by ethnicity and gender, though I should be adding an age category soon.

August 03, 2014 • 14:3446 notes reblog
                   Jurnee Smollett GIF Hunt

★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. ★

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