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Anonymous sang: Hi! I would like to get some fc advice regarding non-binary characters. I want to get around 10 non-binary characters in my first batch of 50 (then hopefully more later on) and I have 5 celebrities who consider themselves non-binary but I'm struggling to find an additional 5 with gifs at all. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions or help on the matter? Thank you :)

I’m not sure who your first 5 are, so I don’t know if my suggestions would be redundant, but I’ll try to give you some resources. 

The only person that comes to mind right away is Tom Phelan, and their GIFs are very limited (I did a hunt here and have been planning on doing a GIF set too but until then I’m not sure where they would have more). (B Scott and Erika Linder also might work)

I would also send you over to this page for more suggestions, which has some people on it that you can look at. Not all of them explicitly identify as non binary, though. (From there, I know that Andrej Pejic, Ivan E Coyote, Elly Jackson, Tom Phelan, Rae Spoon, and Kieran Strange might be the easiest to get gifs of. A lot of them have videos of interviews on Youtube or footage from televison/film appearances available that you can use for GIFs.

The other thing I would suggest is using some Youtube personalities. This might be a weird suggestion, but that’s the only place that I can think of for finding FCs that have footage available for you to use for GIFs when you can’t find much representation on television or film. You’re more likely to find a lot of it, you can easily make GIFs from the videos available on Youtube, and you’re likely to find channels on Youtube run by non-binary people. 

I really hope that this helps, and please please come back to me if you need me to make GIFs of any non-binary FCs. It might take me some time since GIF packs tend to take a while, but I would be more than happy to do that for you. (I’m also currently working on a Diverse FC directory that would have diverse FCs and links to GIF hunts and packs that you can come check out whenever it’s available. Til then, feel free to come to me for help with individual sets and stuff)

I’m very glad that you not only want to include non-binary characters but that you plan on having a significant amount of them, so thank you and I wish you the best of luck. 


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Listen.  Both of my parents were born in Mexico, and I’m a first generation Mexican American. But I have light skin. Does that mean that I’m not Latin@? That I’m not Mexican American? No. 

When I first started giving out FC advice, I based my suggestions completely on physical appearance. I saw some similarities and stuck by those suggestions because they just looked so so similar. But I didn’t understand the importance of ignoring identities and just going to physical appearance. 

I’ve obviously known about racism and discrimination for a while, and I learned about privilege and the importance of representation, but I never thought about actually researching an FC’s ethnicity before casting them. And I don’t remember when I made the change, but I did. I understood that there was an issue and I fixed it. I don’t think anybody ever told me personally that I was making that mistake, nobody called me out, but I realized what I was doing and I corrected that behavior on my own.

When someone tells you that you’ve done something offensive, that you are contributing to an oppressive tradition, that you are erasing people and their identities, your reaction should not be to get angry and claim that you’re a victim. You should not try to defend your oppressive actions. Just listen. Try to understand what you’re doing. 

It’s high time people in this community understand the importance of proper representation. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that it’s “just rp” or that it’s “just for fun”. Isn’t television supposed to be fun? Film? Does that mean that representation isn’t important? How many studies have we seen showing that young people are effected psychologically by a lack of representation and by misrepresentation in media?

Now, think about how many hours you spend a day roleplaying. Think about how many White characters you see in comparison to how many characters of color you see, just on the dash in one day. Now imagine that you see a POC on your dash. How many times will that POC have relatives? If you’re lucky, they might have one sibling. The White characters more often than not have families that are properly cast, because let’s be honest, there are a lot of White FCs out there. And it’s hard to find POC FCs that could be related, because there are so few of them.

Now imagine being a POC and hey, they actually have a family. But  someone said “hey, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are from different countries and they’re not the same, but let’s just lump them together because their skin tones are kind of the same.” Think about that. Think about how little representation there is already, to be lumped in with someone because your skin is about the same pigment as them and your faces look kind of similar. And you want to complain but guess what? People will tell you to just be glad that there are POC at all. Be happy that they’re even trying to cast enough POC for a family. Be grateful that you’re even visible in the rp community. Think about what it’s like to hear stuff like this, over and over and over again. That your identity isn’t worth a little inconvenience like googling an FC’s ethnicity for accuracy.

Please understand that this is not an issue of preference, but of identity erasure. Representation is important, even in the rp community, please just take a moment to understand what it means to have your identity erased completely because it’s easier on people. 

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Please reply or answer with a faceclaim that is:

If you know of an FC that fits one or more of these categories and does not yet have resources, please reply or answer with their name and I will try to make a GIF pack for them?

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                           BAN THE FEMALE BAN

I’ve been in the tumblr roleplaying community for several years, and I don’t quite recall when I first started seeing female bans in roleplays, but they’ve been around for quite a while and I think it’s about time that we got rid of them.

First, you should ask yourself as an admin why it is that you enforce a “female ban”. Do you romantic relationships to be the sole focus of your roleplay, or would you rather focus on character development and writing? If your aim is to have a roleplay that is not “ship”-centric, then you may want to ask why you need a “female ban” at all. If your roleplay’s central focus is forming romantic relationships, the “female ban” is still a problematic policy. Here’s why. 

The “female ban” is exclusionary. I have never seen a “male ban” in my entire roleplaying career. It makes it seem as though male characters are more valuable than female characters, that having an abundance of males is all well and good, but too many female characters is undesirable. In addition to devaluing female characters, it makes it seem as though your roleplay only wants male characters to act as romantic interests for female characters. 

The “female ban” tends to rely on (and reinforce) heteronormativity - especially if you answered the first question with “we need males for shipping”. Roleplayers that do not want their characters to have heterosexual relationships (and those that are interested in heterosexual relationships but not strictly those relationships) may not feel welcome in a ship-centric roleplay that enforces female bans . When you insist upon having an even female to male ratio in your roleplay because you want even pairings, you ignore characters that are not heterosexual, characters that are aromantic and/or asexual, characters that are polyamorous, and many others.

The “female ban” assumes that everyone identifies as male or female. By enforcing a “female ban”, you ignore those people that do not identify as either male or female and force them to identify as one or the other. Not only do you make the impression that your roleplay is not non-binary friendly, you put yourself in the position of wrongly turning away an application and policing peoples’ genders. 

As an admin, you may not have considered the ways that female bans can be problematic, but you could be unknowingly alienating players by enforcing them. I hope this pointer provides some insight, and if you have any questions, please let me know. 

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Any suggestions for a gif hunt/gif pack for an FC that y’all would like to see? I’d particularly be interested in POC and trans FCs that would have enough material for me to make gifs or find gifs, someone that doesn’t have enough already would be a plus.

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thehumbleroleplayer,your Lea Michele RPC (and RPH), is here to help!

Currently available for:

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thehumbleroleplayer,your Lea Michele RPC (and RPH), is here to help!

Currently available for:

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           thehumbleroleplayer's roleplayer challenge

this is a small challenge that I’ve had in mind (and in my drafts) for a while and I thought I’d share it so others can do it, too. it can consist of text, images, gif sets, playlists, a mixture of all of the above, or whatever else you want to use to complete the challenge. there are no rules or anything, but if you could reblog this if you’re going to do it that would be awesome. [and if you tag your responses with thrpchallenge that would be even cooler! i may create a blog with some highlights from people’s posts]

7 favorite characters

seven characters that you have played in the course of your roleplay career. if you haven’t played seven characters yet (or if you don’t have seven that you want to list), you can include characters that you’ve interacted with that you particularly love.

6 favorite faceclaims

this can either be the top six face claims that you love playing, six face claims that you love seeing in the rp community, or a mixture of different face claims you enjoy and/or play. 

5 favorite ships

while we all insist that ships are not at the center of roleplaying, we do know that they can play an important role anyway - and that they can hurt as much as they can feel amazing. these are five of your favorite ships from your roleplaying days - whether it’s your character and another, two characters you loved seeing together, OT3s or 4s or 5s, or a mix of those, they’re ships you’ll never stop sailing.

4 favorite paras

the cornerstone of roleplaying is the writing. sort through your old para samples, look through your self paras, or hunt down your favorite para with someone else. you might just want to use a small sample that struck you. these are two of your favorite pieces of writing from your roleplaying career - maybe they made you laugh or cry or both, but they’re memorable.

3 favorite rolpelays

we all have that one rp that was just our whole life, that we’ll never get over. these are three of your favorite roleplays, whether you’ve been in them or not, whether they’re still active or not. 

(if you’re an indie roleplayer that has never been in a group rp, you can include three fandoms you enjoy roleplaying with, three other characters you enjoy playing with, three verses that you love, etc)

2 favorite media pieces

a huge part of running a character’s page is posting pictures that hold an uncanny resemblance to your character or posting songs that just fit their situation or their past. if there’s a picture or song that you haven’t used for another category yet that you just need to include in this challenge, now is the time to do it. 

1 favorite quote

everyone has at least one character with one witty remark or striking set of words that are a favorite. whether it’s something silly or something heartbreaking, this is just one quote from your character that will always resonate in your mind.

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i’m going to open up a few slots for page revamps, i will post an official announcement and form tomorrow morning with details. 

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thehumbleroleplayer,your Lea Michele RPC (and RPH), is here to help!

Currently available for:

★Full reviews are currently closed. I apologize for the inconvenience★

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