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June 01, 2014 • 14:545 notes reblog
                           BAN THE FEMALE BAN

I’ve been in the tumblr roleplaying community for several years, and I don’t quite recall when I first started seeing female bans in roleplays, but they’ve been around for quite a while and I think it’s about time that we got rid of them.

First, you should ask yourself as an admin why it is that you enforce a “female ban”. Do you romantic relationships to be the sole focus of your roleplay, or would you rather focus on character development and writing? If your aim is to have a roleplay that is not “ship”-centric, then you may want to ask why you need a “female ban” at all. If your roleplay’s central focus is forming romantic relationships, the “female ban” is still a problematic policy. Here’s why. 

The “female ban” is exclusionary. I have never seen a “male ban” in my entire roleplaying career. It makes it seem as though male characters are more valuable than female characters, that having an abundance of males is all well and good, but too many female characters is undesirable. In addition to devaluing female characters, it makes it seem as though your roleplay only wants male characters to act as romantic interests for female characters. 

The “female ban” tends to rely on (and reinforce) heteronormativity - especially if you answered the first question with “we need males for shipping”. Roleplayers that do not want their characters to have heterosexual relationships (and those that are interested in heterosexual relationships but not strictly those relationships) may not feel welcome in a ship-centric roleplay that enforces female bans . When you insist upon having an even female to male ratio in your roleplay because you want even pairings, you ignore characters that are not heterosexual, characters that are aromantic and/or asexual, characters that are polyamorous, and many others.

The “female ban” assumes that everyone identifies as male or female. By enforcing a “female ban”, you ignore those people that do not identify as either male or female and force them to identify as one or the other. Not only do you make the impression that your roleplay is not non-binary friendly, you put yourself in the position of wrongly turning away an application and policing peoples’ genders. 

As an admin, you may not have considered the ways that female bans can be problematic, but you could be unknowingly alienating players by enforcing them. I hope this pointer provides some insight, and if you have any questions, please let me know. 

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                       reblogging as text

An update to my past mini tutorial on reblogging as text. Those newer to roleplaying don’t always know how to reblog as text with longer posts. This is a visual that can be reblogged or linked to by roleplays for those users. 

January 10, 2014 • 9:112 notes reblog
Making FC suggestions to a roleplay.

This may seem like something obvious and it may seem silly to make an entire pointer post on this, but the way you word a message has a great impact on how people will react to your ask. If you are genuinely interested in a roleplay and don’t see the FC you would like to play anywhere on their character list, your odds are a lot better if you send them this:

or even this:

If you send these classic, quickie, rather impolite messages, the likelihood of an admin actually writing you that FC is less likely:

If you’re in the roleplaying community, you’ve probably heard something like this before, and it probably seems like common sense, but as an admin I have received quite a few messages like this, and while I understand that as a roleplayer you are sometimes in a rush, I also think that semantics can get you far or stop things in their tracks. Think about it this way: if you spent hours writing biographies for a number of FCs that you carefully picked out, and someone came to your ask box with one of the three messages above, would you be more or less likely to write a bio for that faceclaim? Not everyone is naturally polite, but being kind to admins will rarely hurt you, while being curt with them is more likely to be detrimental. 

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natalie-porter sang: Hi there! I'm on this awesome rpg called The Hollows Rising (this is my character and the link can be found on this page). The thing is, my character is the only werewolf on there and it'd be so lovely if she could get some of her pack friends! <3 Maybe you've got some followers who'd be interested in taking one up? And if there are any questions about it, my ask is open :)

(I generally don’t promote roleplays here, but seeing as how you are an individual roleplayer and are not exactly advertising a roleplay in general, I’ll post this for you, love.)

If anyone would be interested in joining such a roleplay as a werewolf, please go check this player’s page for the link!

October 02, 2012 • 22:361 note reblog
deadlyintentions-rp sang: Hello, I'm looking for a graphics admin. Can you offer a girl some help? I'll love you forever.

This person is looking for a graphics admin, if anyone would like to help please let them know!

September 03, 2012 • 23:55 reblog

My roleplay recommendations.

I will likely add more but I was playing with coding as always and haven’t had a chance to recommend anything, so.

August 22, 2012 • 13:072 notes reblog

I am getting tired of the people targeting Acirema and rpcgron for absolutely no reason.

Do you honestly believe that sending hate will accomplish anything? This all began when she became an RPC, and quite frankly, I think that it sheds light on the ridiculous amount of drama and pettiness that tends to tear things apart in this community. Acirema is a successful roleplay that takes time and effort to run, and whoever is sending those messages clearly has no idea about that. 

It is really beginning to grate on my nerves, and I am generally not someone that gets angry to the point that I want to toss my laptop out a window, but this is reaching ridiculous levels. Whoever is sending those needs to grow up and step away from the keyboard. The roleplay is doing nothing to you by existing. Put on your adult pants and stop using a grey face as a shield.

August 21, 2012 • 22:544 notes reblog
eighth-year-rpg sang: Could you tell please tell people that i am really in need of co-admins? Thank you.

Of course, darling!

If anyone would like to be a co-admin, please send this individual a message!

August 19, 2012 • 20:21 reblog
onedirection-irp sang: I'm looking for co-admins! If you're interested and reading this, please message me!

If anyone would like to help a roleplay that is looking for co-admins, please contact this individual!

August 14, 2012 • 12:37 reblog