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obeythemaster-rp sang: If you do first look reviews, can I please get one?

My full reviews are technically closed at the moment, but I can give you a quick visual review (if you would like a review of your plot or any other aspects, I can add that as well).

Your graphics are nice, not what one would expect from a slave roleplay (I may be biased because I know who made them, oops). I would recommend changing the pink colors in your sidebar and scrollbar, either make them a wee bit darker to match the dark pink of the gradient on your sidebar graphic, or use the burgundy color in them.

Also, your sidebar plot is a bit lengthy and runs off of the page on my screen. I zoomed out to attempt to read the full plot, but the font was rather small and the last line was nearly illegible. I would suggest having a condensed plot in your sidebar, and a separate page for your full plot.

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At first glance: Your url tells me right away what your roleplay will be about. The page is simple enough at first glance.

Theme: Your theme has well organized links, though I’m not sure if the color scheme is what I would think of as appropriate for a rehabilitation center. The font of the title is also a bit questionable for a rehabilitation center.

Plot: The Glee rehabilitation center is admittedly a very common plot. The addition of field trips could possibly add subplots to a plot that is otherwise not quite unique. (You also have a few grammatical errors in the plot written in your sidebar, I would consider editing those.)

Graphics: You don’t seem to have uniform graphics. I would consider speaking to someone that would make graphics for you, or at the very least making your graphics similar in size to make your character list uniform. Graphics are not everything, but it certainly makes the page more appealing to a roleplayer.

Bios/FCs: You have many of the FCs that are commonly used in roleplays, mostly those in the television show your roleplay is based on. You have some characters that are not so commonly used, I would consider supplementing your FC list with a few more FCs that are not on the television show. Your biographies all seem to written by the roleplayer. I am personally not a fan of roleplays with the majority of the biographies up to the player.

Overall: Your page seems well put together, though I would reconsider your color scheme, as well as making a supplemental page for your plot, as it takes up quite a bit of space in your sidebar. The plot is somewhat commonly used, and the use of subplots could be used to garner more interest in the roleplay. Consider speaking to someone about making you a template for your character graphics. The FCs and biographies could use some work, I advise you to add a few extra characters with pre-written biographies. I think that this roleplay could use a bit of work, to be completely honest. 


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surfsungoodtimes-rp sang: Hi, I was wondering if you could take a glance at my plot and my first batch list and give me your quick thoughts if you have some time?

I definitely can, I hope this mini review is helpful!

(As a note, the writing in your sidebar runs to the bottom of the page and is not legible past a certain point, you might want to consider fixing that. You may also want to tweak the colors of your theme just a bit, particularly the nearly neon blue.)

I will be completely honest and say that I have seen similar ‘getaway’ roleplays, taking place at a beach, a hotel, or some other sort of seemingly exotic place. While the plot is not unique per se, it is likely to be a successful plot if done well, as many people enjoy roleplays in such settings with plots about gossip and secrets. You have an interesting first batch, with what I would consider to be underused faceclaims.

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At first glance: Your url and your page automatically make it clear what type of roleplay this may be.

Theme: Your theme is somewhat plain, but everything is legible. The color scheme is simple, and your page is easily navigable.

Plot: Your plot is admittedly not quite unique. I have seen several camp roleplays, and there don’t seem to be any subplots or twists to your main plot. I would consider adding some interesting subplots that is not just the campers being reckless and throwing caution to the wind.

Graphics: Your sidebar gif is simple, but it is a nice representation of your roleplay’s plot and theme. Your character graphics are not uniform, and while graphics are not the most important part of your roleplay, having character graphics that at least look similar or are the same size is aesthetically pleasing.

Bios/FCs: You have a decent mixture of commonly used and not often used FCs. Your biography format is interesting, though I have to wonder why the last question is about dating. The biographies give a basic breakdown of who the character is, but not much more. I would consider a bit of elaboration.

Overall: Your theme and links are navigable, though your theme is a bit plain. Your character biographies are simple and could use a bit more information on the characters. Your sidebar graphic is nice for the most part, but I would consider asking someone to make uniform character graphics if you would like. Your roleplay has the basic ingredients for success, but could use a bit of work, though I’m sure that it is successful nonetheless.


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webofdreams-rpg sang: Thoughts on our plot and theme, dearie?

Oh my heavens, I absolutely adore your plot! Perhaps it’s because I’m a literature nerd, but I really love this idea. I’ve ever quite seen anything exactly like this. I’ve seen something with a theater with the characters from plays living in the theater, and I’ve seen roleplays with the characters from books living in a town, but this is unique. Your categories and the need for these characters to shift from being an inspiration to coming to terms with their lives to overcome the rut of reliving their storylines is quite clever. I love your plot, dear!

As for your theme, it is beautiful. I would just suggest cropping your sidebar image on the right a bit, the circle is a bit oblong and looks like an oval rather than a circle (things like that throw me off because I’m odd). Also, you might want to move it up a wee bit, as it’s running into the bottom edge of the page. Other than that, everything is colored nicely and easy to navigate (your graphics are lovely as well by the way).

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secondchancesummer-rp-deactivat sang: review my plot please?

I don’t believe that I’ve seen a plot quite like this before. There are many roleplays out there based on summer stays in a house full of reckless teens with no supervision, reality television shows, etc.

The past flings idea is certainly interesting, however. You have a promising plot, I would just be sure to leave room for people to develop plots outside of romances, roleplays based around relationships can be troublesome. Also, be sure that the couples can agree on why their characters split, what their histories are, etc (if you will not be writing those yourself). Overall, however, I would say that you have an interesting plot here.

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At first glance: Your url and page make it evident that your roleplay will have something to do with some sort of camp.

Theme: Your theme is somewhat bland, the color scheme is not particularly interesting. I’m thrown off by the tinypic default image on the side - you may want to look into fixing that. Everything is navigable for the most part. However, I feel that this theme is more appropriate for an individual roleplayer’s account rather than a main roleplay’s account.

Plot: At first, I was concerned that this may be just another summer camp roleplay. The addition of the bonfires and the theme of truth and feeling comfortable sharing secrets with a stranger is intriguing. 

Graphics: Your sidebar graphic goes well with the theme of your roleplay as well as your plot. However, I will say that you have a bit of a typo there (“loose” should be “lose”), I would advise you to fix that. I would also suggest moving the font up a bit so that it doesn’t overlap with the mountains in the background, it looks a bit odd there. Your character graphics are not your own, it seems. I would suggest having some made or making them uniformly sized, at the very least.

Bios/FCs: I don’t see much diversity in your faceclaims, in terms of underused faceclaims versus commonly used ones. You have a significant amount of writing in these biographies, and most of them focus fairly well on both the characters’ personalities as well as why they are at the camp. The bucket list aspect is something that I have seen before - and I will say again (as I have said to other roleplays) that having “kiss a girl” on nearly every girl’s bucket list is somewhat problematic if it is done without reasoning.

Overall: Your theme and links are navigable, but I would suggest looking for a theme that is more appropriate for a main roleplay. Your character biographies are fairly well done, though I would suggest some new additions as far as faceclaims. Your graphic could use just a tiny bit of work, though I love the concept - and you may want to consider somewhat uniform character graphics. I would say that your roleplay has the potential to be successful.


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At first glance: Your url gives me Faberry feelings suggests the setting that your roleplay will take place in, though that is about all I can infer from it. As I look at your page, I have more of an idea of what your roleplay may be about.

Theme: Your theme is somewhat dark and plain, and the text is somewhat small. The color scheme does not seem to go with your plot, I would recommend following the stark color you’ve used in the sidebar graphic and using a red or deep maroon for your text and accents as opposed to a yellow. Your theme is navigable and legible for the most part

Plot: Your plot is not terribly unique, there are many Gossip Girl based roleplays around, as well as some that take place in New Haven. Also, the way that your plot is written is somewhat confusing and could use clarification. 

Graphics: Your sidebar graphic image is nice, but I’m not particularly fond of the fond that you have used. I don’t see any other original graphics, you seem to have used them from other places. I would recommend making your own, or perhaps finding a graphics admin if you would like to. Roleplays are not all about graphics, but it looks nice to have a stream-lined look about your characters.

Bios/FCs: These faceclaims mostly look like those that are typically used in roleplays, though I do see one or two faces that are not that commonly seen. Your biographies provide some background information and personality traits of your characters. Unfortunately, you seem to have some grammatical errors in them, and it is difficult to get past that. I would consider revising your biographies, if possible.

Overall: Your theme is somewhat bland, and your graphic draws the eye, though the font does not seem to work well with the image. Your biographies offer a decent amount of information on your characters, but they need work and editing. Your roleplay plot is seen often. If you put just a bit more work into this roleplay, you could easily make it successful.


June 25, 2012 • 12:321 note reblog


At first glance: Your url is simple and I’m not sure at first what your roleplay is based on or what type of terminal is being referenced here. Your theme is drawing at first.

Theme: Your theme is somewhat dark, sometimes themes can be dark in a way that is hindering, but I feel that the color scheme you used here works very well. Your text is a bit small, but that is an unfortunate feature of some themes. The Matrix computer coding in the background is lovely and not too distracting. Everything is very legible and easily navigable, though I did have a bit of a problem finding the pagination link, everything else is amazing.

Plot: I absolutely love this plot, it’s not quite like anything that I have seen before. The style of writing that your sidebar plot is written is quite clever, and I feel that it is just enough to draw in the reader. Your full plot is brilliant.

Graphics: Your graphics are somewhat simple, but in a good way. They are not too complex or so covered in colors and textures that the images are too obscured, the static you have over it works perfectly. They go extremely well with your plot and the overarching theme of your roleplay. 

Bios/FCs: You have a nice range of faces here, both commonly used and underused (I’m particularly fond of the Carey Mulligan and Janelle Monae FCs). Your biographies provide a significant amount of information on each character, the combination of bullet points and paragraphs is perfect for roleplayers that aren’t sure if they want a particular part. If they like the bullet pointed traits, they can read on to the paragraphs and really get a feel of that character.

Overall: Your theme is lovely, your plot is unique and it seems to be executed in a very clever way. Your graphics are clean with just the right amount of added color and effect, and they go very well with your plot and color scheme. Your FC range and biography quality are both high. I would say that you have an extremely promising roleplay here, I would certainly recommend joining and would join, myself.


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