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Anonymous sang: how many rps are you in? which ones?

I’m in a few, though I’ve recently cut down that number because I want to be more active in the roleplays that are more important to me. I believe the number is somewhere around three, though I play multiple characters in some and am planning a revamp of one of the roleplays I admin.

I won’t say right now what roleplays I am in, perhaps at a later date I will, though.

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Anonymous sang: what fcs have you played?

I’ve played quite a few, including:

  • Lea Michele
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Dianna Agron
  • Ellen Page

That’s probably half or less than half of the FCs that I have played.

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Anonymous sang: what are some good rp ideas? Ones that will catch your eye and be like "OOH! I WANT TO AUDITION FOR THAT!"

A unique plot! 

This sounds rather obvious, “Of course we need a unique plot, duh”. Honestly though, sometimes a roleplayer will stumble upon a roleplay and if the plot is the same high school set up or normal old town set up, it might not be that enticing. That being said, you don’t want some insane convoluted plot either. Look for inspiration in books, television shows, etc. That doesn’t mean go copy a plot completely from the most popular book out there, though. Some people will love to see their favorite book or film come to life in a roleplay, but that can also be a bit lazy.

If you want to have a high school or town setting without anything too complicated, make sure that you have interesting characters with FCs that aren’t used by every roleplay in history. Also make sure that you have biographies pre-written for the characters, and that they include various aspects of that character’s history. You don’t want a series of similar “she is a bubbly girl” or “everybody wants to date him” biographies. 

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thefamiliesrpg-deactivated20120 sang: Hi! Could you possibly review my rp? :)

Of course! You will be added to the list!

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st-vladimir-academy sang: Would you maybe review our not so little academy? :)

Yes, you’ll be added to the list!

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act-anita-taylor sang: Can you review let-the--butterbeer--flow please? We would like some tips on how to run our roleplay better!

Of course! You’ll be added to the list.

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roger-beaty sang: Hello! Would you possibly review "stonewell-high-rp"? :)

Of course! You’ll be added to the list!

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seattlegracerp sang: We're a hospital. Lives are at stake. A full examination if you please. - The Chief.

Of course, we wouldn’t want any deaths.

We will add you to the list!

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seattlegracerp sang: Would you be able to have a look around our hospital walls and make sure everything is up to par? - The Chief.

Would you like a full…examination? (I can give you just quick feedback or a full review)

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murderovermystery-rpg sang: Any advice or feedback?

Sure! I’ll just give some quick tips and feedback.

You might want to make the font in your sidebar bigger, it is very small and difficult to read. Your theme is clean and everything is easy to navigate, that’s good. I like the graphics in your main page, though the image in the sidebar seems a bit random. 

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