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Anonymous sang: The about me is the "just another girl" one. which I believe is yours?

Ah yes that one’s mine! Okay, do you just want to know where to put your “about” or “biography” information? There should be a piece in the code that says  <!——- You can replace the text below with your information. ———-> , under that you can put in the “about” or “biography” stuff, basically the long paragraph(s) of writing. 

For the short line of information (Name. Age. Etc.), you want to look for the piece of code that says <!——- put some basic info, no more than a line. ———->    (make sure it’s above the piece that says    <div id=”newyork”> )

If you would like to replace the short line for a quote/song lyric, just look for the part that says <!——- Put a quote here or an alternate title or whatever ———-> , then put in the line that you’d like to have there (just make sure you have it before   <!——- End of your quote or title thing ———-> )

If you still have questions, please let me know and I would be glad to help you with that. There should be some notes like the ones above that I put in the code to help you out, but if it’s not clear I’d be more than happy to answer any other questions you have. Thank you for using my page, by the way! 

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Anonymous sang: hi lea, can you suggest character secrets?

Sorry if this is late, I’ve been away a lot lately. But of course, darling. I actually have a list of character secrets, you can find that here.

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Anonymous sang: What do you look for in joining an RP?

Personally, it depends on my mood and how much time I have to roleplay, as well as how many roleplays I’m in at any given time.

Usually, in original roleplays, interesting characters that are well written draw my eye. However, I also look for a plot that excites me and that I would want to play. Plots that can extend to a certain amount of time are also something that I look for. Contact with an admin prior to applying is usually a huge factor as well, if I have a question and it is answered in a very polite manner, I’m more likely to join a roleplay. Likewise, admin responses to messages on the main page factor in. Decent graphics and a well organized theme usually will keep me looking at a page longer as well. There are quite a few things that every roleplayer looks for in a roleplay, but I think it all comes down to a game that roleplayers can conceivably play out and enjoy playing, with characters that they would enjoy playing and interacting with.

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Anonymous sang: Hi! Is there some way you can suggest keeping track of posts on the dash? I joined a roleplay and their dash moves fast, and it's getting hard to keep track of things I need to reply to.

If you click on your “posts”, there is usually a little blue box for every time someone reblogs or replies to you. Just as it shows up on your dash, it will show up there. That’s usually how I keep track of who has replied to me or reblogged our conversation. If you’re not quite sure what this means, I can try to explain it more and provide some screencaps. 

If you are just trying to keep track of starters, perhaps ask your admin to implement a starter tag policy, where all of the starters would have to be tagged with a certain tag, such as “roleplay name starter”. That usually makes it easier for all players to keep track of starters and reply to some that may not have been seen at an earlier time during high traffic on the dash.

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Anonymous sang: How do you achieve the pop-up effect for your navigation?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact method, it was a lot of trial and error, and for some reason that I still don’t understand, it only works on certain themes. You have to go into the HTML of your theme and place code in certain parts of it. I used this tutorial, but I think I messed around with it a bit to actually get it to work. I think I also referred to this tutorial, but I didn’t factor in the ask box part. 

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Anonymous sang: How often should a promo blog post a promo? What should I set the timer on?

I generally set promotional blogs to post every hour or so. If you are in a tag that does not post very often, however (such a ship specific tag like “faberry rp), you might want to post less often. If you are in a fandom tag that gets a lot of traffic, though, you may want to post more often (such as in the “glee rp” tag). In the general “rp” tag, though, I would say every hour is a safe queue timer.

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marleypuckerman-nameinlights sang: Any advice for someone losing faith in their writing? Over the past week I've applied for seven different RPs and 1x1s and I've been rejected from every single one, no matter how much effort I put into the app. It's really disheartening and I'm wondering if I should even be roleplaying anymore if I'm bad enough to be rejected that many times.

The biggest thing I can tell you to do is to not let this get to you. I remember when I first lost a role, and it was one of the most terrible feelings, but I kept applying to places and getting into roleplays and it was fine.

Sometimes, the issue might not necessarily be the quality of your writing. Your writing could be exceptional but just not exactly what the admin is looking for in regards to the character that they wrote or for the plot they want to play. If possible, try asking the people that rejected your applications if there was a particular reason that they did so. Remember that admins all have different ideas about what is “good” writing, and that it is sometimes not an objective view.

If you really feel that the issue is with your writing, consider doing a few writing exercises or projects. Look for writing prompts and try to do one each day, just to stretch out your writing muscles. If you typically write one type of character, try writing a different type of character, or try writing a new situation that you haven’t written before.

Ultimately, just remember that most people have a lull in their writing or roleplaying, and that rejected applications to happen. It can be very discouraging, but remember that you were accepted into roleplays before for a reason, and that you might just need to send in applications to a few more roleplays before you find that one that you really fit in, and it will be worth it. If you love roleplaying, don’t give up something you love because a few admins didn’t think that your particular application was what they were looking for. It’ll be okay, and if you are still having difficulties, come back here and I would be glad to help you out in any way I can.

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Anonymous sang: I'm currently looking for a partner. And sadly, nobody has taken me up on my offers :( Any tips on how to find a partner for a 1x1 rp?

If you have not already, create a separate account specifically for 1x1 roleplaying. Set up that account with plots that you would like to play, links to previous accounts (if you feel that would be beneficial), and samples of your writing. Then, all you can do at that point is advertise on your account. Post your plots every now and then and tag them with 1x1, rp, 1x1 rp, 1x1 roleplay, and maybe 1x1 rpg. Follow a few other 1x1 accounts. If you are roleplaying a fandom specific ship, perhaps tag it with that as well. 

If you have been advertising and still have not had any luck, perhaps look through the tags mentioned above and apply to another 1x1 account’s plot, you may not fill one of your specific plots, but if you are accepted, you will have a partner that may be willing to play one of your plots in the future.

Personally, when I was looking for a 1x1 partner using these methods, it took me quite a long time advertising and searching for a 1x1 partner before I found anyone, so sometimes it is important to be patient. I realize that it can be frustrating and discouraging when you wait for quite some time, but it will be worth it in the long run when you can find someone to roleplay with. 

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Anonymous sang: What do you use to download videos from online, Lea?

I used to have Mozilla Firefox installed on my laptop, with the extension Download Helper. With that, you can download websites from most sites. I think that there may be some type of extension for chrome, but I have yet to download it since I reset my laptop.

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Anonymous sang: Are people more likely to join an RP that's been established for a while or one that's up and coming? What are your preferences concerning this?

This depends on each individual roleplayer, as some roleplayers feel more comfortable joining an established roleplay because they think that it offers stability and is less likely to close down quickly, while other roleplayers feel more comfortable joining brand new roleplays because they are just getting started and they don’t have to break into pre-established plots or relationships. I don’t personally have a preference, it really depends on the roleplay itself, whether the plot is interesting, and the likelihood that I will be capable of playing in that roleplay (whether that means an established roleplay that I feel comfortable joining without worrying that it will be difficult for my character to enter, or whether that means a new roleplay that seems like it will be around for a while and have a good amount of plot).

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