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full review status: currently closed

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Could you review us? C: And maybe give us some tips on how we could improve? <3

Of course! I’ll add you to the review list and make sure to put some tips in your review.

posted 2 years ago
Anonymous asked:
Review band babies-rp please? :)

Of course! I should have that up soon.

posted 2 years ago
Anonymous asked:
review nightworld-rp please?

Of course! That will be up sometime today.

posted 2 years ago
Hello! When you have time, I would kindly ask you for a review of "Before the Mast". But given that I am not allowed to post links in the question, I am not sure how to do it. But if you see our posts on the Tumblr, most of them are linked to the site... Maybe this way! Thank you in advance! Elena

I’m afraid that I can’t give you a formal review, because my reviews are generally formatted specifically for tumblr roleplays, and I am not particularly familiar with forum roleplays. I will try to give you a condensed overview, though!

It takes me some time to navigate the site, but that is just because I’m not familiar with forums. The basic plot of your roleplay is interesting, and I like that you have a few groups that can be pitted against one another. You don’t have any set characters, but as I understand it, that is standard for forum roleplays. Your graphics are well done, they’re not too complicated but they do catch the eye. Overall, I would say that I would recommend your roleplay for those that are familiar with forum roleplays.

posted 2 years ago with 1 note
tagged: #beforethemastrp #question #answer #rp advice #rp #rp tips
Hi there! We'd love a review! Thank you!

Wonderful, I’ll work on it and have it up shortly!

posted 2 years ago
Anonymous asked:
review lockhart-?

Sure, I’ll have a review up shortly!

posted 2 years ago
Hello, I fixed the theme up a bit, do you think it's a step in the right direction?

That looks great! Though the background looks kind of brown, that throws me off a bit.

posted 2 years ago
Right, well I've fixed the sidebar bit now, and yeah, I'll take that into consideration. Thank you :) xo

Wonderful, good luck with your rp! 

posted 2 years ago
tagged: #meanttobe-rp #question #answer #rp advice #rp #rp tips
Hey there! I was just wondering if maybe you could give me some feedback on my RP? I get the feeling it's not going well and I need some improvement tips! Thanks xo

Of course! Since you didn’t ask for a formal review, I will give you some condensed feedback.

First of all, your plot is not something that I have personally seen before, so that’s a good start! It is not too complicated, and it seems to be something that people would be interested in doing. As for your theme, I’m having trouble seeing anything below “Have you met your soulmate?” on the left sidebar. Other than that, the theme is easy to read, and everything seems to be accessible.

Perhaps consider adding some same-sex soulmate couples, or a plot where someone’s soulmate is set to be the opposite sex, but they fall in love with someone of the same sex? Other than that, your roleplay looks great, I would consider joining it myself!

posted 2 years ago
tagged: #meanttobe-rp #question #answer #rp advice #rp #rp tips
Oh, that's such a help! Thank you!

No need to thank me! You are very welcome. If you should ever need any other help, or a review, just let me know.

Also, if you need to promote your roleplay once you plan on opening, check out my roleplay promotion blog.

posted 2 years ago