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★ Harmony Santana GIF pack
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                             TONE VOCABULARY LIST

This list was given to me as a senior in high school by my AP Literature and Composition teacher. I find that it’s still very relevant and helpful. You can refer to this list when you want to enhance your writing, particularly when you want to convey a certain tone and can’t seem to find the right words to do so. 

(You can also use this list when analyzing a piece of writing and describing the tone. Look for these key words if you’re having trouble and/or use these words in your analysis to describe the tone.)

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                                   Michael Ealy GIF Hunt

★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. ★

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                              Laverne Cox GIF Hunt

NOTE: I highly encourage roleplays to include Laverne as an FC - more importantly, I urge you to use her for a character that is a  trans woman. There is no shortage of characters that are cis women in the roleplay community and they can easily be played by cis FCs. Conversely, there are very few trans and non-binary characters, and it’s important to have them played by trans and non-binary FCs (just as it’s important to have trans actors and actresses play trans characters on television and in films).

★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. 

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                              Tom Phelan GIF Hunt

NOTE: I highly encourage roleplays to include Tom as an FC, preferably for a trans or non-binary character. Tom is a non-binary actor that uses they/them/their pronouns.
This GIF hunt contains very few GIFs, but I plan on posting a GIF pack in the future.

★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. 

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Half Mexican Faceclaims for a CisFem! Scott McCall [or Tyler Posey]

1. Cierra Ramirez [19] is half Mexican, half Colombian

12 gif hunts here | Some icons here | No icon gifs*

2. Selena Gomez [21] is half Mexican, half Italian

So many gif hunts I lost count | Icons | Two icon gif hunts here and over ten are can be found here

3.  Demi Lovato [21] is half Mexican, half Irish/Italian

At least ten hunts in the last month along with a gif hunt directory can be found here | Icons here | Gif Icons here and here

4. Francia Raisa Almendárez [25] is half Mexican, half Honduran

Four gif hunts here, more here | Icons | No icon gifs*

5. Ally Brooke Hernandez [20] is Mexican

18 gif hunts and an fc pack | icons | Icon gifs*

6. Seychelle Gabriel [23] is half Mexican/French, half Italian

12 gif hunts | Icons here | Icon gifs

7. Chachi Gonzales [18] is Mexican

Over 15 hunts, at least 3 FC packs and a directory | Icon gifs*

8. Camila Cabello [17] is half Mexican, half Cuban

Over 20 gif hunts and a few FC packs | Icons | No icon gifs*

* = I couldn’t find a lot of/any icons/icon gifs, but if you want to use her and you use icons or icon gifs, let me know and I will make them for you.

[Anjelah Johnson was removed because I couldn’t find any resources for her, however if you’d like to use her the above still applies.]

It’s not that difficult to properly cast these characters, if you want to do cisfem!scott, here’s some help with doing it and avoiding your casual racism. 

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Chloe Bennet (Wang) GIF Hunt

image★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. 

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Tegan Quin GIF Hunt

★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. 

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[Christmas Eve] | [Merry Xmas] | [Xmas Dad] | [Christmas Lights] | [Candy Time] | [Snow For Santa] | [kringle] | [Candy Cane] | [PW Christmas] | [Snowflakes]

fond of these fonts

★fonts featured are not mine unless otherwise stated★

This is a special collection of Christmas and snow related fonts for the holidays. Enjoy! 

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Faberry [Achele] GIF Hunt


★ The following GIFs are not mine unless otherwise noted. 

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               A List of Gender Neutral Character Names

There are literally a countless number of names that you could name your character, and listing them all would be somewhat pointless. Personally, when choosing my characters’ names, I like to find something that is fitting for them. Most of the time, I like to give them a gender neutral name that is somewhat unique. Remember that a character name may not always match the character - they were named by someone else, when they were only an infant, after all. Anyway, here is a list of gender neutral names that you might find useful when naming characters. It will be updated periodically. (On a side note, I may be posting more lists with my favorite character names in the future.)

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