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Anonymous sang: Could you maybe do a gif pack thing for candis cayne?

Of course! I think I had her on my personal list, I’ll definitely try to have one done for her soon. I’m working on Lucas Silveira and have some others in line but I’ll put her on my actual to do list. 

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Anonymous sang: What exactly is 1x1 roleplaying? I've seen the term tossed around a lot lately-is it the same thing as indie roleplaying?

1x1 is a type of rping, but instead of it being in a group, you only rp with one person. A lot of the time, that means that the focus is mostly on your ship, but it can also mean a lot more character development and control over your plot. It’s not the same thing as indie roleplaying. In the indie community, you usually have one account for your muse (and sometimes you might have a multi-muse account) and you interact with several other muses in the indie community with that account. In the 1x1 community, people usually make one account where they post their plots, plot bunnies, writing samples, etc and they use that to discuss plots with other people. When they find a plot they like or someone likes their plot, they will usually contact one another and either fill in an application or just agree to rp. Then they usually make new accounts (some people will just make sideblogs) and rp with one another using those accounts.

For an example 1x1 blog, you can take a look at mine here. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!

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Anonymous sang: (FC help anon) No, you answered it perfectly-and unintentional racism is casting minorities as villains. Basically, you answered my question, thank you so much!

I’m glad I could help you out, then! And again, please let me know if you get stuck or have more questions in the future.

I forgot to add this but, pro tip: When you’re casting POC, remember that not all ethnicities are the same. “Hispanic” characters can’t all be related, even if two FCs do look very similar. A Mexican FC and Puerto Rican FC shouldn’t be cast as sibling. Do your best to match people’s ethnicities. 

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Anonymous sang: Hello lovely! I know you don't do graphics, but do you know of anyone who does (specifically for roleplays)? Thank you!

My sister ( kstewrpc ) is pretty much the best person to make graphics, go visit her, buddy. She does have a fee, though. (And if you can’t find anyone else, let me know and maybe we can work something out.) I also have character psds if you want to look through those, and you can always check out the tag.)

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Anonymous sang: Between attempting to stay away from both whitewashing and unintentional racism, it's a bit difficult to choose FC's for a RPG. Do you have any tips to help with the process?

I’m not sure where you think you would run into unintentional racism, if you can explain what you mean by that, I can try to help you steer away from that. When you’re casting FCs, you have to consider how you’re writing the characters first. 

Generally speaking, I’d say that you should try not to write stereotypical characters, try not to make all of your villains minorities, and try not to have your diverse characters be scarcely dispersed in your rp just because you feel like you’re expected to have them. Your roleplay shouldn’t be a great cast of cis het white characters with various backstories and personalities - and then a handful of diverse people thrown into the mix with backstories that are based wholly around their identity. I would advise you to think about racism and privilege when writing your characters, though. Some of your characters will be better off financially and others won’t. Some will face racism and have less access to education, while others will have easy access to jobs and social positions through family connections. Be realistic, but don’t write all of those characters into corners where their lives are filled with nothing but strife and discrimination. It’s a complicated balance sometimes, but it’s worth it when creating a realistic, inclusive roleplay.

Also, when casting your characters, I highly suggest that you try to create families of people of color. Don’t just have one POC family from each ethnicity that you can think of. Create networks and give them communities (not that you should have diverse characters only interact with diverse characters). I’ve seen too many rps where your cis het white characters have siblings, parents, cousins, best friends, and neighbors and the POC characters are lucky to get a sibling. Think about how you’re writing your privileged characters and ask yourself if you’re being fair. 

If you have some specifics about your rp or about the characters you want to create, let me know and I might be able to give you some more specific advice. I hope this was helpful and that my rambling didn’t stray too far from your question, feel free to come back with more questions if you’re still confused. 


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Anonymous sang: Hi! I would like to get some fc advice regarding non-binary characters. I want to get around 10 non-binary characters in my first batch of 50 (then hopefully more later on) and I have 5 celebrities who consider themselves non-binary but I'm struggling to find an additional 5 with gifs at all. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions or help on the matter? Thank you :)

I’m not sure who your first 5 are, so I don’t know if my suggestions would be redundant, but I’ll try to give you some resources. 

The only person that comes to mind right away is Tom Phelan, and their GIFs are very limited (I did a hunt here and have been planning on doing a GIF set too but until then I’m not sure where they would have more). (B Scott and Erika Linder also might work)

I would also send you over to this page for more suggestions, which has some people on it that you can look at. Not all of them explicitly identify as non binary, though. (From there, I know that Andrej Pejic, Ivan E Coyote, Elly Jackson, Tom Phelan, Rae Spoon, and Kieran Strange might be the easiest to get gifs of. A lot of them have videos of interviews on Youtube or footage from televison/film appearances available that you can use for GIFs.

The other thing I would suggest is using some Youtube personalities. This might be a weird suggestion, but that’s the only place that I can think of for finding FCs that have footage available for you to use for GIFs when you can’t find much representation on television or film. You’re more likely to find a lot of it, you can easily make GIFs from the videos available on Youtube, and you’re likely to find channels on Youtube run by non-binary people. 

I really hope that this helps, and please please come back to me if you need me to make GIFs of any non-binary FCs. It might take me some time since GIF packs tend to take a while, but I would be more than happy to do that for you. (I’m also currently working on a Diverse FC directory that would have diverse FCs and links to GIF hunts and packs that you can come check out whenever it’s available. Til then, feel free to come to me for help with individual sets and stuff)

I’m very glad that you not only want to include non-binary characters but that you plan on having a significant amount of them, so thank you and I wish you the best of luck. 


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Anonymous sang: Uhm so, Tumblr suspended my account for having too many saved URLs, and I have emailed their tech support about 6 times.. it has been a full 24 hours, all URLs have been released, still, don't have my account back.. Did you even successfully get your account back or should i just say screw it because tumblr sucks and make a new blog? thanks :(

Don’t give up! I had more than one account suspended, it was something like five, at least. Just keep e-mailing them, it’s important that you put i all of the necessary information and that you do not save those URLs to other side blogs or accounts. It may take more than a day, I don’t remember how long it was for mine to be fixed, but as long as you keep e-mailing them and you do what they ask, they should get your blogs back to you. I got all of mine back and so did my sister, it’s definitely possible!

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Anonymous sang: I love your gifs and how you edit everything. Could you make a tutorial?

Thank you so much, I appreciate that! Could you please clarify what sort of tutorial you’d like me to make? If you mean a general tutorial on making gifs, I’ve already made one that I can link you to if that’s your question.

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Anonymous sang: What? Puppies?

Yes, puppies! Those characters are based off of four of the dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians. 

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Anonymous sang: wat happily?

Happily/Walden is a skeleton rp I’m working on as a side project until I can get Chipped up and running (which could be soon or never depending on how long it takes me to write bios). 

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