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Anonymous asked:
For a mutants rp, what would be the textures you would use for the promos and psds?

That depends on the tone of your roleplay/plot, if you have an ominous threat your texture might not be the same as a mutant roleplay where mutants are out in the open and just existing as mutants. 

Also, I’m not quite sure what you mean by textures - overlay textures to add to your images, for the font, etc? 

posted 2 hours ago
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Anonymous asked:
hi there! who would you cast as a future maddie hasson and future josh hutcherson? (28-40 maybe?)

For Maddie I want to say Emma Stone, but her hair color isn’t quite the same (and she’s not that old, maybe try her as a sibling if you need one). Cara Delevigne could work but she’s only 21. Maybe Anna Paquin or Anna Torv? 

For Josh, my go-to is usually Jason Bateman. 

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Anonymous asked:
thank you so much and do you have some suggstions on a good name for cameron with the last name holmes :)

Without knowing anything about the character, I’m not sure. Maybe Grayson? 

posted 2 hours ago
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Anonymous asked:
Younger ( 12ish ) Fc for Ginny Gardner?

Maybe Kiernan Shipka?

A younger Chloe Moretz may work, though her face shape isn’t quite the same. You could also try Elle Fanning, though her nose is rounder. And maybe Stefanie Scott, though her face is again shaped differently. 

posted 3 hours ago
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Anonymous asked:
who could be a better son to benedict cumberbatch Jonathan Groff or cameron monaghan

They both have similarities in facial structure, but I think Cameron’s build may be a bit closer to Benedict’s, you could go with both of them really, but Cameron may be a better fit (if you want his son to take after him more in the physical appearance department.)

posted 5 hours ago
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Anonymous asked:
I just wanted to say thank you SO much for your tutorial on OOC blogs, I was always wondering how to send out links without asking for people's emails, and you gave me the answer! Thanks again! ^^

You’re very, very welcome! I’m glad you found that helpful, I used to have issues with it when I first started as an admin and I found that this method is much easier and you don’t have to worry about asking everyone for an e-mail.

Thank you for the message, darling!

posted 1 month ago
Anonymous asked:
The about me is the "just another girl" one. which I believe is yours?

Ah yes that one’s mine! Okay, do you just want to know where to put your “about” or “biography” information? There should be a piece in the code that says  <!——- You can replace the text below with your information. ———-> , under that you can put in the “about” or “biography” stuff, basically the long paragraph(s) of writing. 

For the short line of information (Name. Age. Etc.), you want to look for the piece of code that says <!——- put some basic info, no more than a line. ———->    (make sure it’s above the piece that says    <div id=”newyork”> )

If you would like to replace the short line for a quote/song lyric, just look for the part that says <!——- Put a quote here or an alternate title or whatever ———-> , then put in the line that you’d like to have there (just make sure you have it before   <!——- End of your quote or title thing ———-> )

If you still have questions, please let me know and I would be glad to help you with that. There should be some notes like the ones above that I put in the code to help you out, but if it’s not clear I’d be more than happy to answer any other questions you have. Thank you for using my page, by the way! 

posted 3 months ago with 1 note
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Anonymous asked:
Hi, so I love your about me pages, but I sort of need some help, I'm not sure exactly where I place all of the html info? I'm actually really bad at all things like that...

Hello sweetheart, I’d be glad to help you with that, but could you please let me know which about page you’re referring to? There are a few linked on this blog that I could help you with as far as coding questions, but not all of them are mine (only those reblogged from rachelboory belong to me). 

If you could  please let me know which page you’re using and what sort of info you’re trying to add, I can look at the code and help you out. 

posted 3 months ago
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Anonymous asked:
hi lea! i'm in desperate need of some help, so naturally, i came to you! i'm having faceclaim issues... my character is russian with dark hair, green / blue eyes and pale skin. she was the youngest prodigy in the imperial russian ballet and a renown dance icon, until she was in a terrible accident that killed her parents & left her paralyzed from the waist down. maria is usually irritated and angry, and almost never leaves her room. can you think of someone who might pull off her personality? <3

Hello sweetheart! Thank you for that intro, first of all, you’re a sweetie. I’m not sure what age range you’re looking for, but these options should help you. Here are a few FCs that might work for your character: 

  • Ksenia Solo [I would say your perfect choice, she is actually of Russian heritage, has fairly pale skin, and blue eyes, and she has a lithe body, could possibly be a dancer]
  • Kaya Scodelario [Also a great choice]
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Melissa Benoist
  • Elizabeth Gillies
  • Anna Christine Speckhart
posted 4 months ago
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Anonymous asked:
What does voiceclaim mean?

Hey there darling! A voice claim is similar to a face claim, but instead of choosing a face to match a character, you choose a singer that matches the voice that a person has in mind. If you’re referring to the voice claim link in my navigation, I’ve done a few of those for a roleplay that used to have a voice claim for each character, I don’t see it very often but sometimes you have a singing voice in mind that’s different from the actual face, I suppose. 

posted 4 months ago
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