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Roleplayer Issues - Not Enough Browsers!


I don’t know about you, but I used to run into this problem a lot. Have more than two roleplay accounts, but only have Firefox and Google Chrome to run them! You barely get on your others because then you have to go through logging out, and logging in… Well, here’s the solution!

Google Chrome has this nifty thing called Users in the Settings menu.

If you click the wrench, a drop-down menu appears. Click Settings.

A new tab will be brought up. From there, Users should be only a scroll away! Now, at the bottom of the box labeled Users, there should be a Add New User button. 

Click that, and a new window for that user will be brought up! From there, you can click the symbol in the upper left hand corner of the screen to change users!

You can connect to as many accounts as you want with this! To bring it up after you close down the window, just click the symbol and a new window will be brought up! You’ll never have to log out of a Tumblr account again.

This is dangerous. Cue three thousand open windows.

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