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WELCOME. I'm your Lea Michele rpc, and I'm here to help. Please take a look at what I do and feel free to ask me if you're not sure.

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At first glance: Your url is simple and I’m not sure at first what your roleplay is based on or what type of terminal is being referenced here. Your theme is drawing at first.

Theme: Your theme is somewhat dark, sometimes themes can be dark in a way that is hindering, but I feel that the color scheme you used here works very well. Your text is a bit small, but that is an unfortunate feature of some themes. The Matrix computer coding in the background is lovely and not too distracting. Everything is very legible and easily navigable, though I did have a bit of a problem finding the pagination link, everything else is amazing.

Plot: I absolutely love this plot, it’s not quite like anything that I have seen before. The style of writing that your sidebar plot is written is quite clever, and I feel that it is just enough to draw in the reader. Your full plot is brilliant.

Graphics: Your graphics are somewhat simple, but in a good way. They are not too complex or so covered in colors and textures that the images are too obscured, the static you have over it works perfectly. They go extremely well with your plot and the overarching theme of your roleplay. 

Bios/FCs: You have a nice range of faces here, both commonly used and underused (I’m particularly fond of the Carey Mulligan and Janelle Monae FCs). Your biographies provide a significant amount of information on each character, the combination of bullet points and paragraphs is perfect for roleplayers that aren’t sure if they want a particular part. If they like the bullet pointed traits, they can read on to the paragraphs and really get a feel of that character.

Overall: Your theme is lovely, your plot is unique and it seems to be executed in a very clever way. Your graphics are clean with just the right amount of added color and effect, and they go very well with your plot and color scheme. Your FC range and biography quality are both high. I would say that you have an extremely promising roleplay here, I would certainly recommend joining and would join, myself.


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