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A very specific pigeon-hole role.

#2 - “That Stupid Girl”

First and foremost, allow me to say that this is not in any way targeted at any specific individuals, nor am I referring to these FCs as “stupid”. That is actually the opposite of what I am going to say. I apologize in advance for this novel-esque word vomit. Moving on…

Beyond a doubt, some of the most disappointing stereotypes out there are that of the typical “stupid girl” character. I am not saying that playing a ditzy character should not be done. In the real world, there are individuals that simply think differently and act differently than most people their age and would be considered immature or not quite so intelligent as everybody else.

However, one thing that I see far too often in roleplays is the stereotypical casting of these two in particular, and I’m sure that you already have an idea of the FCs that I am referring to, but - 

Heather Morris and Ariana Grande

Yes. These two amazing actresses play characters that are considered to be unintelligent, ditzy, and by some even stupid. I could rant for quite some time that the characters are actually intelligent in their own right, but that would be an entirely different post and it would address the characters in relation to the television shows that they are in and - I digress.

The point is, these face claims do not always have to be played as “That Ditzy Girl” or “The Stupid Girl”. It is actually very refreshing to see these actresses played as intelligent characters far different from those that they play on their most well known roles. This is not a ridiculous concept. Selena Gomez does not always have to be a teenage witch, Dianna Agron does not always have to be a mean cheerleader, Johnny Depp does not always have to be a pirate…you get the gist.

Finally, if you absolutely must play these characters as ditzy, that does not mean that you are exempt from giving the character depth or using proper grammar and spelling. As an admin for one of my roleplays, I was actually driven to remove my Ariana Grande character from the list because I received so many applications with poor writing or that somehow wanted to twist her biography to make her seem less than intelligent. I had a few players that took the role and then proceeded to roleplay with misspellings everywhere and text speak, though their writing was fairly well done. I also had a wonderful experience in a Glee roleplay where an individual played Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris’ role) as her usual somewhat ditzy self, but with depth and a level of intelligence that showed that the character merely had a way of processing things that didn’t quite match others’ thought processes. She wasn’t a genius by any means, but she didn’t play her as completely air-headed or oblivious to everything. Ditzy characters can be fun to play, because you can give them a level of innocence that some other characters may not have, but that doesn’t mean that you have to play them as a completely unintelligent or simplistically “stupid” individual. 

I apologize if I offended anyone here with this, and I apologize for writing a novel here, but I have come across this so often that it saddens me to see these actresses reduced to a single role. On a side note, not every character out there will be the brightest crayon in the box either. Depth is the key word here - give your characters depth.

My hands hurt from all of that, and I just want to hug everybody because I feel like I just was very long-winded and I apologize if you read this in its entirety. I have an essay to finish now. I just needed to get this out there.

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