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★ Lucas Silveira GIF pack
★ Jamie Clayton GIF pack
★ Fo Porter GIF pack
★ Dudley O’Shaughnessy GIF pack

★ Navigation revamp
★ Update theme maker list




hiatus theme 01 by rachelboory gone tonight

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this is in celebration of the lovely lea michele’s (belated) 28th birthday. the theme is named after a song from her album ‘louder’ - which you should totally buy on itunes ok?
  • simple hiatus page
  • customizable title
  • customizable text beneath title (to explain your hiatus, for example)
  • includes functional ask box
  • as many custom links as you’d like
  • customizable background image
  • plain background with no image option
  • instructions are included within the theme
  • please let me know if you need help with customization, installation, or anything else, i’ll try my best to help
  • please reblog and/or like if you use this theme, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Dear sugarplums,

I received your suggestions for the directory. My sleeping schedule has been a bit of a mess lately, but I’ll add the suggestions as I continue to fill out the directory. I’m hoping to have it complete by the end of the week, but that’s a very tentative deadline. Pleas bear with me! And if there’s someone you need resources (links to gif hunts) for right away, please let me know.

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Guys, come help a fellow roleplayer out!

Please, take a few minutes to take a quick look at  THIS ROLEPLAY OUT and then go and visit THIS ONE. The first page you’ve visited belongs to a very close friend of mine who has put a lot of hard work and time to have her roleplay ready, only to have it stolen by the latter one. Graphics, sidebars, biographies, plots, rules, miscellaneous pages, even the title has been copied from them and we’re trying our hardest to make them reason since they’ve refused to admit what they’ve done and delete everything. 

Mauvaissang-rp’s admins and I would very much appreciate if you could REBLOG THIS POST and REPORT welcometothenight-rp in order to end with all of this arguing, confusion and bad moments. 

Thank you! 

This is just sad, they didn’t even try. They literally copied everything, exactly.

Please do not support roleplays that have plagiarized another roleplay, this is theft. 

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I’m this close to enlisting help with gif hunt hunting for the directory

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Anonymous sang: Could you maybe do a gif pack thing for candis cayne?

Of course! I think I had her on my personal list, I’ll definitely try to have one done for her soon. I’m working on Lucas Silveira and have some others in line but I’ll put her on my actual to do list. 

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thehumbleroleplayer,your Lea Michele RPC (and RPH), is here to help!

Currently available for:

★Full reviews are currently closed. I apologize for the inconvenience★

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They have icons and gifs, though, because people have made them for me. I’ll see if I can track them down for you (I have a ton of likes though so it might be a minute)

oh no you don’t have to do that, if they have them i’ll find them (: i’ll just check out the tags and stuff

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What about Amy Purdy and Ashley Graham? I’ve been begging people for resources for those two ;)

The list I’m working on is for people that already have resources that I need to add to the directory, but I’ll add them to my other list and consider making some for them (: 

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Dear roleplayers/admins/etc that use the “rp is supposed to be fun!” excuse,

Who is it supposed to be fun for? If it’s supposed to be fun, and that’s your excuse for not including diverse characters, what does that mean? Is RP only supposed to be fun for cis het white people? 

"RP is supposed to be an escape!" 

Is it an escape from a diverse world, then? Are you escaping to a world where cis het White people are the dominant force and POC are put on the back burner? Because last time I checked, that’s a lot like the real world. And if this is your escape, why do you want to escape to a world where POC and other groups aren’t properly represented? 

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Hey everyone. A year or so ago, I did a project for one of my English classes. I chose to do a mock roleplay based on a comic anthology that featured Asian American characters.

In addition to creating the roleplay, I addressed the lack of POC faceclaims in tumblr roleplay. Not only did I mention the fact that there are so few of them, I connected the lack of available faceclaims to the lack of POC in mainstream media. I considered writing a formal essay on it for another course, but for now I only have my thoughts written up on pages on the roleplay page. I thought that I would share this information, because I think it’s important to consider how mainstream media affects roleplay, and how we as roleplayers have the ability to counteract the lack of POC in media by using the resources that are available rather than using the excuse that there aren’t enough resources. 

Under the cut is the text from a couple of the pages I wrote up (I’ve bolded the parts that are not just basic breakdowns of how tumblr rp works, though I recommend reading them in their entirety).

If you would like to see the roleplay and all of the pages related to it, please click here. If you have any questions about this or would like to have a discussion about my observations, please feel free to send me a message.

[Please note: These pages have not been changed since their creation over a year ago, so there may be some mistakes. They are not perfect nor do I consider my observations to be fact.] 

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