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★ Harmony Santana GIF pack
★ Jamie Clayton GIF pack
★ Fo Porter GIF pack
★ Dudley O’Shaughnessy GIF pack

★ Misguided Ghosts page flip
★ Navigation revamp
★ Update theme maker list



currently working on a tessa thompson gif pack holla

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I don’t love the negative space on the left-maybe a location image or other image of the fc?

hm, the background image is supposed to be one continuous image, i’ll see how it looks with a location image or a large fc image, the location might make more sense though

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yay or nay on this one?

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go compliment her new theme

Elly changed her theme yesterday and was working on it until 6am you should leave her nice messages to wake up to

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preview of an upcoming graphic

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kstewrpc sang: 13

13. Which fandom do you like making graphics for the most?

Probably the Faberry/Achele fandom.

Or the Lea Michele fandom

Or any fandom that I can cry over, I’ve done some Teen Wolf and Faking It things as well. I’m not sure?

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halalau sang: Hey there, Lea! May I ask you question no. 1 & 15 from the graphics ask game? It's been a year since I learn graphics myself and I'm still very measly on it lol.

You definitely can thank you!

1. A font you don’t like to use

Honestly I can’t think of one off the bat. I think anything Webdings just doesn’t sit well for me? Also I don’t really like using Pacifico anymore that much. I used to use it on everything, especially my blog titles and it made things messy from the sheer size. 

15. Advice you would give to beginner graphic makers

Practice, practice, practice! Watch videos on Youtube, look at tutorials on tumblr, just spend time using Photoshop and getting used to it. It helps a lot to just know the basics - watch an introductory video or series on Photoshop. It’s really great to have a strong foundation to work off of. It’s kind of like playing an instrument - learning the sheet music and chords is sometimes just easier than playing by ear. 

And of course don’t give up. It might take time for your work to get where you want it to, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

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Anonymous sang: Hi! I would like to get some fc advice regarding non-binary characters. I want to get around 10 non-binary characters in my first batch of 50 (then hopefully more later on) and I have 5 celebrities who consider themselves non-binary but I'm struggling to find an additional 5 with gifs at all. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions or help on the matter? Thank you :)

I’m not sure who your first 5 are, so I don’t know if my suggestions would be redundant, but I’ll try to give you some resources. 

The only person that comes to mind right away is Tom Phelan, and their GIFs are very limited (I did a hunt here and have been planning on doing a GIF set too but until then I’m not sure where they would have more). (B Scott and Erika Linder also might work)

I would also send you over to this page for more suggestions, which has some people on it that you can look at. Not all of them explicitly identify as non binary, though. (From there, I know that Andrej Pejic, Ivan E Coyote, Elly Jackson, Tom Phelan, Rae Spoon, and Kieran Strange might be the easiest to get gifs of. A lot of them have videos of interviews on Youtube or footage from televison/film appearances available that you can use for GIFs.

The other thing I would suggest is using some Youtube personalities. This might be a weird suggestion, but that’s the only place that I can think of for finding FCs that have footage available for you to use for GIFs when you can’t find much representation on television or film. You’re more likely to find a lot of it, you can easily make GIFs from the videos available on Youtube, and you’re likely to find channels on Youtube run by non-binary people. 

I really hope that this helps, and please please come back to me if you need me to make GIFs of any non-binary FCs. It might take me some time since GIF packs tend to take a while, but I would be more than happy to do that for you. (I’m also currently working on a Diverse FC directory that would have diverse FCs and links to GIF hunts and packs that you can come check out whenever it’s available. Til then, feel free to come to me for help with individual sets and stuff)

I’m very glad that you not only want to include non-binary characters but that you plan on having a significant amount of them, so thank you and I wish you the best of luck. 


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Ask the graphic maker 

  1. A font you don’t like to use
  2. A colour you don’t like to use
  3. Who/what inspired you to make graphics?
  4. Link your first ever graphic (or earliest you can remember)
  5. A graphic you’re proud of
  6. A graphic you didn’t like but posted anyway
  7. List 5 graphic makers you enjoy seeing graphics from
  8. Which post has the highest amount of notes you’ve ever received?
  9. Do you save all your PSDs and keep them in folders? If yes, screenshot your folder(s). If no, explain why not.
  10. Do you prefer making gifs or edits? Why?
  11. When did you start making graphics?
  12. Name 2 pros and 2 cons of the program you use to make your graphics
  13. Which fandom do you like making graphics for the most?
  14. How long do your graphics usually take?
  15. Advice you would give to beginner graphic makers

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charlieze faberry theron what are you doing

attention followers: my name is now charlieze faberry theron please take note 

ps; i’m telling the people what they neeed to know for their dash to be of the utmost quality 

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